Passion - " ... if you don't have a passion, you'll give up!" - Steve Jobs

So… how did I get to be singing on the street?

For nearly thirty years, I worked as an accountant and then … finally … I burned out!

In my late forties that old proverbial mid-life crisis came calling! I lost everything but I found myself – sounds like a clich√© but I’m afraid its true. People sometimes ask am I happier now. I always reply “I don’t know but I’m certainly more alive!”

In 2008 having tried desperately (for five mid-life crisis years) to rebuild my collapsed accounting life I finally surrendered and crashed out completely. I was thrown out of my apartment for non payment of rent. I was penniless … again!! Nobody was quite as surprised as I ¬†was. It was time to take a good long look at me … and my doings!

Over a three year period with the help of some amazing friends and long suffering siblings, I started singing on the streets for my supper (literally). To my delight and utter surprise it all went off very well. People seemed to love the sound I made. Fortunately for me, a man in a dress-suit, singing Italian and Irish laments, peppered with a little opera, was not a common sight on our streets.

Supported by a back-to-work social welfare scheme (thank God for democracy!) I started singing in Limerick and Cork and now (to be nearer my son and daughter) I sing on Henry Street and Moore Street in Dublin. I still sing in Cork and Limerick when I can but travel costs render the journey cost prohibitive. I’ve recorded three CDs and I plan another (Irish Songs) CD this autumn. (Completed November 2012!)

I love singing on the streets of Ireland. It’s a pleasure that’s hard to explain and to think, if I hadn’t followed my passion (even though I hardly knew what it was at the time) I’d never have known this very special part of my life. When I’m asked on the street, why I’m not in the concert hall I always reply ‘because of this conversation’ – on the street you get to meet real people in an impromptu setting; you get to hear spontaneity; you get to meet people in a very unique way – that’s living!!!

I’d love to sing in the concert hall, I really would but not if it cost me the chance to ‘dance’ with all those wonderful people … on the street! I will sing in the concert hall, when the time is right!

If Travel comes my way that’d be nice too especially if I could get to meet the peoples of different cultures, on different streets, around the world.

Who knows!!

If you see me on your street, please stop and say hello! That would be special!