Poetry - "poetry is what is lost in translation" Robert Frost

Ode to Coumeenole

A few years back, I met a great crystal healer out in West Cork – she told me to get up every morning and write what I felt in my body and that someday those writings would publish, ” … to heal many” she said! At first, I scribbled a lot of nonsense and a few long winters later, to my utter surprise Ode to Coumeenole manifested in the form of a delightful poetry book, as if it had had a life all of its own …

The first lines came, down on Coumeenole Beach near Slea Head in Kerry, just two days after my Mother’s death in October 2006 and the last verse completed, at the untimely passing of my younger brother Paddy, in September 2010.

Ode to Coumeenole speaks of a very special and personal journey with an incredible group of individuals – my family! Each verse found itself sitting comfortably with a particular family photograph – this was not planned.  In fact, it was only after the verses had finally completed that the idea of placing them beside family photographs arose – who knows who or what guided that!