Story-2 - It's never too late to follow your passion ...

I used to be an accountant but …

I’m OK now!

I’m sure you’ll agree that life divides into a series of phases! For me those phases came in seven year periods, each one as important as the last. It was in my 8th phase that I finally followed my passion and though I’d love to tell you that doing so was the easiest thing I ever did, that’s not what I found.

When I finally got my own place (out in Murroe, Limerick, Ireland), in 2008, having ‘wandered the roads’ for a while, I felt compelled to write about the experiences and emotions I’d been through during the preceding phases and what I wrote eventually became a book of poetry.

Many of the verses took a long time to come but the one below pretty much blind-sided me between my bedroom and bathroom one morning. Within ten minutes it was complete and down on paper! It summarises the phases of my life so far …


Seven Year Phases

The first one was with her, the second was not
At the third one, I lost him but never forgot
At the fourth, I was broken on the back of a friend
At the fifth, I depressed and tempted the end
In the sixth and the seventh, with family I stayed
In the eitght, in madness and ‘frillies’ I strayed
The ninth has just started, who knows what will be
Just do what is willed and see what you see

~ ~ ~

And so …

People ask am I happier since I made the change, I answer… “I don’t know but I am certain … I’m more alive!” I still enjoy working part-time as a bookkeeper and accountant and I sing three or four times a week on the streets of Ireland. I love it!

For 2013, I plan to travel beyond my ‘Homeland’ borders, if I can. The two disciplines of singing and accounting afford my life a, long awaited, gentle balance.